Name Aiba Ryzaki

Sex Male

Age 25

Appearance Somewhere between 5ft 4 to 5ft 7, has brown hair with purple streaks through the sides (like waves). Wears black clothes, long sleeved T-Shirt and black jeans. Black heeled boots. Pale skinned, has purple eyes. He is average weight, and has a black jacket occasionally. Eyes are kinda rounded but not too much. Has sincere eyebrows, one purple one brown. Left is brown, right is purple.

Personality Somewhat obscure, seems to have a slight case of MPD. (possibly what the mix of brown and purple represent - two personalities in one body) though he doesn't switch between them, much. Friendly unless he is angry, in which case he's more on the scary side. Slightly insecure at times, possibly due to a bad past? He loves Sushi with Wasabi and Ginger, with TONS of Soy Sauce.

Background/History Though unsure, it would seem that Ryzaki was traumatized by something when he was young. It is unsure what. 

Voice Bank CV BASIC

Preferred Singing Style Classic Rock, Gothic Rock and Metal, Rap.

Songs Edit

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