Developer Royal Decay Projects
Publisher Royal Decay Projects
Director Dagda
Erin S.
Composer Dagda
Genre Action/Adventure RPG
Mode Single-Player

January: Engel der Zerfall (or simply JEDZ) is a 2.5D action/adventure platformer RPG by Royal Decay Projects. It is based on the true life story of Erin S. and Dagda and takes place in the universe of Epic the Movie.




Playable Characters Edit

Antagonists Edit

Levels Edit

Chapter 1: First Snow Edit

Soundtrack Edit

  • The Fall

Cast Edit

Character Voice Actor
Miharu/Arith Alexis Grady
Dagda (Young) Jason Norris
Mandrake Eric Saleh
Guards (Various) Brock Huntington
Guards (Various) Cedrah Jones


  • The title, Engel der Zerfall, is German for "Angel of Decay".
  • On April 14, 2015 a demo was released to a select audience. The demo was critically acclaimed by indie game development media outlets and online gaming magazines.

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