-UTAU Cover- Uninstall -Manai Yokoshima- The Oddworld Slig sounding UTAU XD04:54

-UTAU Cover- Uninstall -Manai Yokoshima- The Oddworld Slig sounding UTAU XD

Name: Manai Yokoshima

Sex: Male

Age: ???

Appearance: He lives in the world of shadows and reflections and watches the outside from it by possessing others' shadows and reflections. He does not have a tangible body in the world of reality though in the void between he has an appearance.

Personality: Enigmatic, Aloof, Sadistic, Evil, A Romantic, Ambitious, Scheming

Background/History: Born from a dying dream, he longs for a real body and heart. From his shrouds of darkness he watches Jei, drawn by her purity and becomes the shadow she casts. He sings his songs silently for her knowing that she cannot hear them. He once poisoned others with his dark magic, bitter because of his origin. He wishes for some sort of redemption though his nature does not allow it. He is but a mere reflection. A wicked beat of the heart.

Voice Bank: Unreleased.

Preferred Singing Style: Any.

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